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Executive Director

Executive Director

Jeff White




Jeff White serves on the NJCAA National Office staff as the Vice President for Legal, Diversity, IT, & Resources. As the association's in-house legal counsel, White works with NJCAA National Office staff and Board of Regents members to review contracts, assist regions with legal needs, create and revise internal processes, manage association policies and procedures, analyze and evaluate the impact of legislation on the NJCAA and its members, and monitor Title IX compliance. Prior to joining the NJCAA National Office in February 2019, White spent three years as the Vice President of Student Experience and Human Resources and Director of Athletics at Hocking College, an NJCAA member school in Region XII. White also served as the Director of Human Resources at the Supreme Court of Ohio.

In September 2019, the NJCAA announced the creation of NJCAA Esports, the national governing body for two-year college esports. Spearheading the creation and growth of the new association, White oversees all aspects of the operations as the Executive Director for NJCAA Esports.

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National Junior College Athletic

Association Esports

8801 J.M. Keynes Drive - Suite 450.

Charlotte, NC 28262

(719) 590-9788

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