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About Collegiate Esports

With over 3,400 High Schools and 300 colleges and universities supporting esports programs across North America it is becoming clear that collegiate esports are paving the future of the esports industry! Begin developing your program through NJCAAE now.​

About the NJCAAE

In 2019 the National Junior College Athletic Association formed NJCAA Esports to better serve their existing community of member institutions who wanted a competitive association focused on their unique needs and the groups they serve. To date, NJCAA Esports serves over 6,000 students and has over 230 member institutions on its competitive platform. 
With a focus on breaking down barriers to entry for member colleges and their students, we have created the only association capable of thoroughly meeting the needs of 2-year and community colleges. The NJCAA Esports offers many program solutions through the association and our partners. These offerings range from program development, competition, media, broadcasting, gearing solutions, and much more! Now is the perfect time to start your institution's journey into esports. There is more than enough time to prepare your students for the upcoming seasons of competition through our offerings!

NJCAA Esports hosts esports and gaming activity through:

  • Two tiers of competitive regular seasons split by Divisional formats focused on giving everyone the experience they are looking for;

  • Tier 3 level of activity that anyone you consider a part of your community can enjoy; 

  • General community engagement events; and,

  • Special tournament activities that allow not only students, but faculty, staff, alumni, and more diverse gaming and esports opportunities.

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National Junior College Athletic

Association Esports

8801 J.M. Keynes Drive - Suite 450.

Charlotte, NC 28262

(719) 590-9788

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