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Mia White

Mar 27, 2024

Player Spotlight - Rainy Dae Jackson

Rainy Dae Jackson (she/they), 26, is a student at Washington State College of Ohio (WSCO) studying nursing. She aims to gain acceptance into the RN program next spring and intends to pursue her BSN after graduation. 

Jackson is also on the WSCO esports team and plays Overwatch 2. She also enjoys Genshin Impact and Cult of the Lamb. 

“If I want to relax and play a cozy game after a day of work, classes, or both, I will play Animal Crossing or Sticky Business,” said Jackson, “I play DPS [damage per second] most of the time, but I am always cool to fill in wherever needed. I also like to play Soldier 76.”

Jackson embarked on her esports journey when she decided to return to school this past summer. She voiced her enduring interest in the field, having spent countless hours watching Overwatch Twitch streams. To enhance her gameplay, she dedicates time to practicing alone, with friends, and alongside teammates.

“I do try to carry the ‘practice makes perfect’ mentality into my real life. Going back to school at 26 has been one of the best but most difficult choices of my life so far. It has been a while since I have done chemistry or written a paper, but with practice (and extremely amazing professors) I have grasped concepts that I never thought I would,” said Jackson, “It’s cool that the NJCAAE exists. I knew that really big four-year colleges have esports teams, but I didn’t think it was a thing for community colleges and such. I appreciate the ability to play games with my friends competitively.”

Jackson expressed that being part of a collegiate team brings immense enjoyment. She emphasized the opportunity to meet remarkable individuals she otherwise wouldn't have encountered if not for esports. Additionally, she conveyed gratitude towards her coach, highlighting the value of having someone to approach with academic inquiries and receive a professor's perspective.

What is it like being a woman in esports?

“Being a woman in esports is honestly really cool. It is nice when my team gains more girls because I don’t have to be surrounded by boys all the time. Haha! Being a woman gamer in general is pretty hard though,” said Jackson, “The moment you talk through your mic you have a good bit of people being rude to you or sexualizing you just because you are a girl.”

In five years, Jackson envisions herself working at a children’s hospital while maximizing her travel opportunities. She aims to empower young girls in gaming, urging them not to allow boys to bully them out of a game. Instead, she encourages them to channel that negativity into motivation to excel in the game and outperform their opponents. Additionally, she emphasizes that enjoying non-competitive games like Animal Crossing or The Sims is equally valid, and urges individuals not to let anyone discredit their status as gamers.

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