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Mia White

Feb 28, 2023

Player Spotlight - Natalie Buck

Natalie Buck (she/her), 22, is a Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) sophomore in Guilford County, North Carolina.

 “I came to GTCC after I moved back home a couple of months after COVID-19 started. I was at Western Carolina University prior. I am currently in the paralegal courses but I'm thinking about doing art as well,” said Buck. 

What are you going to school to learn?

“I'm really not sure. I did a lot of Philosophy and German at Western Carolina but there isn't much of that at GTCC, so I'm still looking for my passion I suppose,” said Buck, “If I had to pick my hypothetical dream job in a perfect world, I would be an archeologist/paleontologist. But picking between that and my other dream, I'd rather be a mother.”

Currently, Buck is on the GTCC esports team and mainly plays Overwatch. 

“I'm on the Overwatch team but I play a lot of RPGs like Pokemon and Dragon Quest. I also enjoy some Minecraft in my free time,” said Buck, “I play support; usually whatever the team needs between Ana, Mercy, or Kiriko.”

How did you get involved in esports?

“I've played video games my whole life so when I got an email advertisement for the esports club [at GTCC], I was curious if there would be any games I played. I dabbled in Smash 5 but I don't think I'm good enough for a team so I chose Overwatch, the only other competitive game I play,” said Buck.

Buck explained that she watches the occasional pro play in her free time but most of her experience just comes from playing casually with friends. She has played video games since 2017, but never in a competitive environment, so has started taking it more seriously.

How has it been to be a part of a collegiate team?

“I hadn't really been part of any organized team play since I played sports in grade school, so getting used to that kind of environment after so long presents its own challenge, but it's been a great experience,” said Buck, “My Gamertag, Preussen, comes from the first German word I learned as a kid, meaning Prussia, which is where a good chunk of my ancestry is from. (any old Hetalia fans? I know, cringe).”

Outside of esports and being a gamer, Buck also enjoys fishing, and drawing, and describes herself as “a huge metalhead” as well. She expressed that she would also love to have a daughter in the next few years or so.

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