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NJCAAE moves to LeagueOS

The NJCAAE National Office is excited to announce that we will be moving to a new competitive platform, LeagueOS, this Spring 2024!

The astounding growth of the NJCAAE since 2020 is absolutely a function of the partnership with Generation Esports, and the partnership continues.  As Generation Esports has doubled down on curriculum development and design, both parties agreed that focusing on those efforts best serves students and members alike.  Both brands will continue cross promotional and co-branding efforts as well as efforts to cultivate a recruiting pipeline.  As a piece of that recruiting pipeline and in an effort to provide more tools for members to use to expand esports and grow enrollment, we will work together to build curriculum to promote more dual enrolled students and college credit bearing programs.  There is much more to come on this front!


LeagueOS will be taking over the duties as our platform partner.  Since launching just last year, they've become the official competition platform for over a dozen high school esports leagues as well as the NECC and now the new BEC featuring every Big Ten school.  The NJCAAE National Office staff and interns have been hard at work preparing the platform to make this a smooth transition.  With that said, as soon as you receive your join links email from the NJCAAE National office, you will able to go ahead and take a look at the new platform!


NJCAAE LeagueOS Platform: 

LeagueOS also has their own training videos on the platform you can view here:


How members will join:

The NJCAAE National Office has created profiles for every member institution, along with a few teams for each level of competition to help get every member and even future members started on their registrations for this upcoming Spring 24 season. Each institution’s designated esports lead will be receiving an email with invites specific to their institution’s LeagueOS Member Profile.

  • One invite will be a ONE TIME USE ONLY invite, known as the Group Owner invite, for that institution’s primary esports lead to use to gain ownership of their institution’s Member Profile.

  • The second invite will be a never ending invite that institution’s can pass out to have coaches and participants use to join their institution’s Member Profile as a participant.


We have created a number of guides and resources to help with this transition so be sure to use them! We have also created training sessions to help members learn the new platform so please be sure to attend.


The NJCAAE National Office has created GUIDES to help with this transition so be sure to use them!

LeagueOS also has their own training videos on the platform you can view here:


NJCAAE Membership Registration


Team Creation & Management


Competition Registration


Participant Registration


Training Session Recording:

The NJCAAE National Office has created a recording of the LEAGUEOS TRAINING SESSIONS to help members learn the new platform.


View the video by Clicking here.


You may also view the video below.


There will be further training sessions set in the future.



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