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Mia White

Jan 20, 2023

Player Spotlight - Jonathan Sousa

Jonathan Sousa (he/him), 19, is a freshman at Columbus State Community College (CSCC). Currently, he is studying digital design and graphics. While Sousa is from Virginia Beach, Virginia, he currently resides in West Virginia.

Sousa finds his joy playing Rocket League, specifically for the CSCC Cougars esports team. “Rocket League is my game of choice,” said Sousa, “I have a few other games I’m pretty decent at like Valorant for example, but not at the level of competitive play. The main thing I did to improve is just kept playing. If I ever felt lost, stuck, or just didn't know what to do, playing the game eventually got me past those roadblocks. There's a reason the ‘head down and grind’ mentality is popularly spoken about. It seriously works.”

Sousa explained that he uses this mindset in every aspect of his life. He believes that if he has the mental willpower to push and put in the effort to improve at something, he will. He has already begun putting that mentality and hard-working attitude toward his future career. 

“I already enjoy the freelance art side of graphic design, but getting the piece of paper means I can make it more than just a side hustle,” said Sousa.

In the future, Sousa plans to continue playing Rocket League even after he graduates. “Being a part of a collegiate team definitely has its ups and downs. When things go your way, CRL can be a blast,” said Sousa, “I think the NJCAAE is breathing life into the scene that collegiate needs. A quality CRL experience, in particular, is hard to come around as of now, and they are making a lasting impact that is essential to the scene staying popular.”

Do you have any tips for anyone considering joining esports?

"To any aspiring players out there, make sure to keep your head down and grind. Keep your own confidence in check and just let your results do the talking. The only way you're going to make it big is through dedication and sheer willpower. Stay on top of all aspects of your life, and with time, you'll get where you want to be," said Sousa.

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