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Empowering Collegiate Esports!

The National Junior College Athletics Association Esports (NJCAAE) is the nonprofit esports association serving only two-year, technical, and community colleges in collegiate esports, meeting their specialized needs. Over 185 institutions across North America participate in activities and competition each year.


With a focus on breaking down barriers to entry for member colleges and their students, we have created the only association capable of thoroughly meeting the needs of two-year, technical, and community college programs.


The NJCAAE organizes activities ranging from friendly regular game nights to national competitions across the largest variety of game titles available.

Program Development

The NJCAAE assists with all aspects of esports program development through materials, professional development, connection, and more.

Path to

The NJCAAE helps with students academic journey and success through connection by engaging them in regular collegiate esports activity.

Space for

The NJCAAE supports a level of activity that is open for anyone an institution wishes to engage in regular, friendly esports activity.

Esports Space


NJCAAE is proud to represent an exceptional group of institutions. Our members not only have access to comprehensive resources, but also to an unparalleled peer network, supportive National Office, and active partners focused on program development.