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Mia White

May 24, 2023

The NJCAAE partners with College Esports

National Junior College Athletic Association Esports and College Esports Form New Strategic Partnership 

May 24, 2023 

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – The National Junior College Athletic Association Esports (NJCAAE) and College Esports, a non-profit public benefit organization, announce the formation of a new strategic partnership.  

The parties seek to create an effective and efficient relationship focused on enhancing communication, coordination, and collaboration to support positive and inclusive gaming spaces for everyone. 

The two organizations plan to work together by striving to promote policies and practices that address the unique needs of all individuals provided through NJCAAE and College Esports. Both parties will also cross-market to promote each organization’s efforts, goals and activities.  

Director of Esports of the NJCAAE, Matt King, states, “One of the many functions of the NJCAAE is to connect with institutions who offer 2-year college programs. During this connection, assistance in program development becomes a vital part of how the NJCAAE supports new and existing members. The partnership with College Esports will be an exciting way to further strengthen the NJCAAE membership and their programs into the future!”  

Donna “BasicTaq” Walters, the Executive Director and Founder of the nonprofit organization, College Esports, explains how “students are the most valuable asset for our future. By fostering a culture of innovation and creativity, we envision a future where all individuals have the skills and support necessary to succeed in the 21st-century workforce, regardless of their background or circumstance. 


We are thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with the NJCAAE, which will significantly enhance our combined commitment to student success and bridge the college-to-career gap. This collaboration allows us to extend our efforts in a manner that directly addresses the current needs and circumstances of students. By meeting students where they are, we can provide tailored assistance that empowers them to excel academically and transition seamlessly into their professional lives. Together with the NJCAAE, we are dedicated to ensuring students have the resources and guidance they need to thrive and succeed.” 


About the NJCAAE: NJCAA Esports (NJCAAE), is the only collegiate esports association focusing exclusively on two-year college programs internationally. 


Established in the Fall of 2019, the association continues to develop new partner relationships that assist in the growth of esports programs, add new titles for increased participation, and dedicate resources to the recruitment of new members. 

The NJCAAE is committed to removing barriers to entry for all participants, including students and member institutions. Through the bring your own device and play from anywhere model, even campuses that are strictly online can offer an opportunity to engage their students for just $1,500. While student engagement is always a priority, it has perhaps never been more important than right now. No one disputes that an engaged student is a student that completes! 

The association has experienced phenomenal growth. Beginning with only 12 teams, the following semesters grew to 28 teams (Spring ‘20), 69 teams (Fall ‘20), 81 teams (Spring ‘21) and a projection of 115 teams and 2,000+ student-athletes in the Fall of 2022. With the ultimate goal of providing a unique and engaging environment for student-athletes nationwide, the NJCAAE is where worlds of opportunity await.  


About College Esports: Located in the heart of Sacramento, CA, College Esports is at the forefront of preparing future leaders for remarkable career success. Their innovative approach centers around experiential and hands-on learning opportunities, providing students with the real-world skills needed to excel. Through Project Based Learning, College Esports engage students in practical experiences that foster critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving, ensuring they are well-equipped for the professional world.  

Collaboration lies at the core of the nonprofit’s mission. By forging strong partnerships with industry leaders, educators, government officials, and community organizations, College Esports creates a dynamic ecosystem that supports students throughout their educational journey and beyond. They go beyond theoretical knowledge and deliver tangible resources, including access to training, mentorship, and employment opportunities, fostering innovation and creativity in the ever-evolving digital landscape.  

Their success stories speak for themselves. College Esports leaders have spearheaded groundbreaking projects, such as launching sustaining esports programming for the California State University system, California State Fair, Big Sky Conference, Gen G, San Francisco Shock ACUI, Educause, and more. These achievements showcase College Esports’ commitment to empowering students and pushing the boundaries of esports innovation. Join College Esports today and embark on a transformative journey that will shape your future in the dynamic world of esports.  



Matt King, Director of Esports 

(719) 590-9788 


For College Esports: 

Donna "BasicTaq" Walters 

Founder / Executive Director 

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National Junior College Athletic

Association Esports

8801 J.M. Keynes Drive - Suite 450.

Charlotte, NC 28262

(719) 590-9788

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