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Mia White

Dec 11, 2022

Player Spotlight - Maddie Davidson

Madison (Maddie) Davidson (she/her), 18, is from Loudoun County, Virginia​​, and currently attends Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). This is Maddie’s first year attending NOVA as an engineering A.S major with plans to transfer to Virginia Tech for computer science in the Fall of 2024. She also participates on the NOVA esports team and plays multiple games. 

Did your high school have an esports team, and if so, did you participate?

“We had an esports program that participated in PlayVS leagues and our Rocket League team even won the Virginia state championships. I helped manage the club along with funding the program and sponsoring a Minecraft SMP server,” said Davidson.

Can you tell me about your current school?

“NOVA is so welcoming and offers the same experience one may expect from a four-year school. I have already made so many new friends and been welcomed by so many individuals, and even gotten the opportunity to help out the esports program by being a team manager! I feel as though NOVA does its best to offer many different accommodations and learning opportunities by having smaller class sizes, many resources for tutoring and success, and the courses are designed to better transition and prepare you for next-level education- whether you decide to transfer or aim for an associates degree! Another benefit of NOVA is that you can take your time to transfer. It is a great option for those who cannot afford the excessive costs of tuition, and/or want to take a longer period to transfer so that they may focus on work or other factors,” said Davidson, “ One of my favorite aspects of NOVA so far is the diversity of its students. There are individuals from all over the world, some young and some old, and it is so interesting to be able to engage with peers and learn all about their lives.”

Davidson explained that while she may not play any games exclusively, she goes through periods of hyper-fixations of them. She has played and plays the following: first-person shooters such as Valorant and Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, and Apex. She also loves party games such as Jackbox TV and Overcooked.

“My main priority right now has been Valorant, while I help manage the Valorant teams under the esports program at NOVA. I also aim to be on the all-female team in the spring,” said Davidson.

Davidson’s strategy is to jump right into things, rather than warming up while playing games and competing. Her focus is to have fun and not get angry or frustrated because she believes that will lead to resenting the game(s).

“I actually use this way of thinking in my everyday life as well,” said Davidson,  “I have always struggled with putting myself out there and reaching out for opportunities in fear of being judged or rejected, but eventually realized that I will miss out on everything if I do not just jump in! If I had not put myself out there, I would never have received my position as a team manager for NOVA esports or made the friends that I have made within my first semester. Joining the esports program has given me confidence and allowed me to relieve my anxiety about all of it.”

Davidson said that being a part of a collegiate team has been one of the best opportunities she has ever received so far and has been able to grow relationships with all of the team members, as well as see their improvement and hard work over the past semester. 

“The NJCAAE has offered so many opportunities for various teams within our program to have a chance to play and compete for a championship! The various leagues offered have a wide variety and do their best to provide a smooth tournament feel bracket for easy team participation. It has given those who attend 2-year institutions a chance at participating on a regional-level team that many would not expect to receive in community colleges,” said Davidson.

Do you have any advice for young gamers?

“Do not let anybody tell you that video games are a waste. If it makes you happy, then nobody should take that away from you. But remember, there is always a balance between the real world and the internet. The world is constantly growing and technology is becoming more mainstream, so why shouldn't you be able to have a career in the field? Put yourself out there and have fun,” said Davidson.

Davidson is currently an engineering A.S major, focused on computer science and programming. As mentioned previously, she wants to transfer to Virginia Tech in 2024. While at Virginia Tech, she wants to minor in criminal justice. She also wants to focus on programming video games, and eventually be able to work for the government and be involved in the behind-the-desk scenes of the crime force.

“I am not one to plan too far ahead, while everything in life is subject to change and I try not to hold expectations on myself. Hopefully, in five years I will be engaged to my current significant other while we both pursue careers that satisfy us. For me, as long as I am happy with whatever career I choose then I say that is a life well lived! I also hope to pick my streaming career back up on the side as a hobby, and maybe even come out with my own indie game release,” said Davidson.


Find Maddie here: 


Instagram: ttv.mzddiee

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