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Mia White

Jun 16, 2023

Player Spotlight - Luke Merian

Luke Merian (he/him), 19, is an upcoming sophomore at Heartland Community College (HCC). Merian is an Eagle Scout and a player for the HCC esports team.

“Heartland Community College is a very welcoming community.  All of my teachers have been very nice,” said Merian, “Honestly I'm really only at Heartland because of the esports program.  After high school, my mentor Mr. R came up to me and asked what I wanted to do for college.  I told him I didn't know and he said he was looking for a mid-laner for HCC.  After my current program at Heartland, I am unsure of what I will do.  I might try and transfer to a neighboring college to continue esports or join the military. Currently, I am the starting mid-laner for the League of Legends team.”

Merian has been involved in esports for the last five years, especially League of Legends. He often watches educational videos and pro play in order to learn the game better.  

“I have also done a one-month boot camp for C9TG where I got coached by Rime and had a coaching session with Veigar V2.  I know that I am improving because I have just hit Platinum for the first time,” said Merian.

Merian also goes by Koriinu, which is his gamertag. It is the combination of two Japanese words: ice and dog. He explained that this name was inspired by his favorite Pokemon, Glaceon.

How do you prepare for NJCAAE Championships?

“I think NJCAAE is great and I am grateful for the opportunity they have given me.  Preparing for championships is not something I do because I am always trying to be my best form so there is nothing special I do that I don't already do.  I'm always playing solo queue,” said Merian.

While he may not know where he will be in five years from now, one thing is for certain, the love for esports will always be present.

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