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Mia White

May 3, 2024

Player Spotlight - Lucas Yankee

Freshman Lucas Yankee at Iowa Central Community College is majoring in television and radio production while also leading the Iowa Central Community College (ICCC) esports team in games such as Rocket League, Madden, Call Of Duty 4v4, and Fortnite. As the current captain of the Call of Duty team, Yankee oversees practices and ensures each player is actively improving their gaming skills.

Known as "Commander Lucas" in the gaming world, Yankee chose his gamertag to reflect his leadership qualities and desire to take charge. With years of experience in esports, he has competed in LAN events in Illinois and online tournaments, even signing with local teams. Yankee dedicates himself to daily practice sessions and film study to enhance his gameplay tactics.

“I love being on a college team, it’s competitive and enjoyable. I love facing a challenge and making friends who love to be competitive and play games on a whole new level,” said Yankee, “I love the NJCAAE and have commentated a Rocket League match for them. and I appreciate their efforts to engage with players and their passion for what they do.”

To get ready for NJCAAE championships, Yankee emphasizes the importance of teamwork and maintaining high energy levels during critical moments on the virtual battlefield. He brushes off the stereotypes about gamers being nerds, believing that gaming can be enjoyed both casually and competitively by individuals from all walks of life.

Looking ahead, Yankee envisions himself working with a sports team in the future, building connections, and finding fulfillment in the sports industry while continuing to pursue his passion for competitive gaming. His advice to aspiring gamers is to work diligently, bring enthusiasm to the table, and have goals for playing on a team. Dedication and hard work, according to Yankee, are key elements in unlocking one's gaming potential.

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