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Player Spotlight - Kody Canfield

Mia White

Jun 16, 2024

Kody Canfield, 19, is a Pratt Community College (PCC) freshman majoring in internet network tech. He aims to get a degree in cyber security from Kansas Ottawa University or Kansas Wesleyan University. 

Canfield mainly plays Overwatch on the PCC esports team and is an in-game leader (IGL). He takes on the roles of team captain and IGL, strategizing, leading callouts, and guiding his team to success both inside and outside of the game. One of his proudest achievements in esports so far was being named the runner-up for his school's athlete of the year as an esports player.  

“It has been amazing to be a part of a collegiate team, I have had a lot of fun with my friends who are now family and have made many memories,” said Canfield. 

Canfield goes by the gamertag Pingus_Pongus. He used to go by “Pengu” when he played Team Fortress 2. As Pengu, a friend of his always called him Pingo Pongo, as a nickname. However, when Pengu became a pro-Rainbow Six Siege player, everyone used the name Pengu, so he decided it was time to change to Pingus_Pongus.

“During my time in esports I have had many interactions with all different types of people that can range from social butterflies to being more quiet. I think the NJCAAE is amazing for colleges to compete with each other, I have not had any issues with them during my time,” said Canfield. 

The end goal for Canfield is to get a degree, get married, and achieve success while pursuing his passion for gaming.

“My advice to young gamers is no matter what you're doing in game, you can get something out of it to apply to the real world. All games have good life lessons,” said Canfield.

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