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Mia White

Jan 20, 2023

Player Spotlight - Jodrig Geluz Samonte

Jodrig Geluz Samonte (he/him), 20, currently attends Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) and plans to go to George Mason University in the Spring of 2023. Jodrig was born and raised in the state of Virginia, but his parents are originally from the Philippines. He is going to school to study information technology with a concentration in database technology and programming.

“I never realized how much I enjoyed problem-solving until taking a programming class last semester and having a great time learning and implementing code for different assignments,” said Jodrig, “ I plan to hopefully have a job secured through an internship or gain experience in the IT field and also grow my programming skills; which will help me give back to my parents of what they have sacrificed, as well as have a good future for myself.”

Jodrig played League of Legends for the NOVA esports team. “I only recently decided to try to commit to a team as of last year (Fall 2021) and had gotten the best competitive experience of esports. This experience has had a significant impact on the way that I approach team-based environments,” said Jodrig, “I personally had a lot of fun in my collegiate team for Northern Virginia Community College. The program is honestly amazing. The staff is great and well organized. The players make up a good community of friends that I have developed a great bond with.”

Jodrig described NOVA as an amazing school and described it to be of great quality in the administrators, the community, and of those that run the vast variety of programs, especially esports. Jodrig wanted to shout out John O’Neil, NOVA’s Head Esports Coach, and Jordan Whitaker, League of Legends Coach.

What have you done to improve yourself in the game?

“I think one of the main things to help myself to improve, is to be around a community/group of friends that have a drive to improve and/or are knowledgeable about the game,” said Jodrig, “Playing with them constantly tested what I knew and pushed me to boundaries that I would have to overcome through trial and error, alongside their advice and experiences. Through repetition and friends that were talented and fun to be around, growth happened at a quick pace.”

Do you carry that type of strategy into your everyday life?

“I would like to say that I do. As I continue my academic career and spend time with friends and family, I like to surround myself with those who have the drive to achieve a goal in their lives. I have realized that community is vital for my own ability to grow, and makes it enjoyable to improve alongside others who are doing the same,” said Jodrig.

Jodrig explained from his experience in the esports space, that sometimes there are stereotypes that come with being a gamer, especially one who plays League of Legends. According to Jodrig, many people assume that League of Legends players are very toxic, but he firmly believes that it is not always the case. “Everyone gets frustrated,” he said.

Who is your favorite video game character of all time and why?

“I think I’d say Garen as a simple character in a gameplay sense can still make an impact on a complex game like League of Legends,” said Jodrig.

Five years from now, Jodrig said he plans to have an IT job able to provide for himself and help out his parents with any of their future needs. He expressed that he will still be gaming in the future as well.

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