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Mia White

Dec 15, 2022

Player Spotlight - Bradley Jamison

Bradley Jamison (he/him), 21, currently attends Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC) in Hickory, North Carolina. Jamison is completing his final semester and will graduate with four degrees and three certificates, including his associate degree in science and an associate degree in business administration. Going above and beyond his many degrees and certificates, Jamison is the Esports Head Captain for the CVCC Redhawks. He is also the Fortnite Captain and President of the Accounting and Business Club at CVCC.

Originally from Vale, North Carolina, Jamison moved to Maiden, North Carolina, about four years ago. His high school did not have an esports team, but he played tennis and participated in Quizbowl. When starting at CVCC, he said he didn’t know anyone and didn’t plan to join any clubs/sports, until he saw on the CVCC website that there was an esports team starting up. 

“I emailed our coach and I was one of the first two players on the team. I’ve been with the team through thick and thin, moving to three separate locations until we finally landed in our permanent spot, and now we have almost 30 members,” said Jamison, “I play a bit of everything, but I mainly play Valorant and Fortnite. I try to play everything that we compete in just so that if someone needs an extra person for practice, I can hop in and help my teammates succeed! I mainly just practice any free moment that I get, along with using aimlabs and playing with people of a higher rank so that I can learn from them.”

Jamison expressed that he is honored to have been able to be with the program all of these years and that everyone on the team is a wonderful person, with a bright future ahead of them. 

“The NJCAAE is a great organization and they allow the different community colleges the chance to compete all around the country, which still blows my mind sometimes,” said Jamison, “I do think that there are a bunch of stereotypes about esports, and gamers that do bother me, including the ‘all gamers ever do is play video games’. As a team, we all have classes (and we had 13 NJCAAE All-Academics in the past 3 semesters), we work out together, some of us play Dungeons and Dragons together, and we try to go bowling or out to eat once every two weeks to hang out! While video games are a big part of our culture, we don’t sit and play video games every second of the day.”

Jamison’s favorite video game character of all time is Cal Kestis from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. His friendship with his droid, BD-1, and the survivor spirit to find others like him puts Cal at the top of his list. In addition to the many degrees, certificates, and gaming, Jamison plays the guitar and the drums. He also calls himself “an avid Dungeons and Dragons player.”

“My advice to young gamers would be to keep trying, any improvement is a big improvement. I just started playing Valorant in July of 2022, and we made it to playoffs this season. Nothing is impossible if you believe in it and try your best at it,” said Jamison.

With Jamison’s associate degree in business administration, he would like to eventually open up his own restaurant. “I’m hoping to open up an 80s-themed bar/arcade, that will have the typical bar foods, like wings and burgers,” said Jamison.

“Five years from now, I see myself either opening up or have already opened up my bar/restaurant, along with being an assistant coach for CVCC Esports,” said Jamison. 

In the very near future, Jamison and CVCC are having a 24-hour stream on Friday, December 16th,  starting at 12 pm EST. Tune in here:

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