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Mia White

Dec 6, 2022

Player Spotlight - Ayden Veik

Ayden (Blitz) Veik (he/him), 19, is a first-year student at Central Community College studying business administration. Originally, Veik is from Humphrey, Nebraska. Now, Veik plays for the Central Community College esports team.

“[Central Community College] is very well put together with good sports teams but our esports team takes the cake. This is the first year we have had esports and I made the team right away. I play Call of Duty and only that. I started playing Vanguard once I found out I made the team and have been grinding MW2. I used to play all the older CODS. Everything before infinite Warfare to be honest,” said Veik.

Originally a console player, Veik made the switch to PC and said he has improved greatly because of this. According to Veik, he had been playing with a console controller ever since he was five years old. After he finishes school he plans to coach an esports team at his old high school. Veik would also like to start his own business one day.

“I love being part of this team. Since we are a first-year team, what we have accomplished has been very exciting for our coach. Our coach used to play esports at Ohio State University,” said Veik.

“I love the NJCAAE; they are so connected with all of the other teams and host great tournaments and playoffs. I’m super excited to keep playing,” said Veik.

Five years from now, Veik sees himself with his own place to live including a personal gaming room.

Find Veik on YouTube: Veik YouTube

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