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Mia White

Dec 4, 2022

Player Spotlight - Adam Hardin

Adam Hardin (he/him), 21, is currently finishing up his last semester at Barton Community College. Hardin is originally from Savanah, Georgia, but moved to Kansas and now studies to be an Online Network Specialist, while participating on the Barton Esports Team. Hardin currently plays Call of Duty: Gunfight, Mario Kart, and Rainbow 6 Siege.  

Hardin does a lot to make sure he can be the best player possible. Hardin expressed that practice makes perfect; as he also works with his teammate Kindric (catnipgod). Hardin also finds watching films of his opponents playing to be helpful, so that he can strategize how to take advantage of their typical plays. To Hardin, it is the same as studying for tests or quizzes for school.

Are there any stereotypes about gamers/esports that bother you or you think are untrue and why?

“Gaming makes you violent. People assume that shooter games will influence kids so that they do bad things with guns or steal. I think that is untrue,” said Hardin.

How has it been to be a part of a collegiate team?

“I'm having a blast! I’m so glad that I was able to take part in an esports team and be able to win a championship for a game that I love. So now as I get older, I can tell my friends or co-workers that I won a championship. I’m glad that I was able to make some friends that care about esports as well,” said Hardin, “I think it’s cool that the NJCAAE created an opportunity for people to participate in games that we love and play in and I’m glad that I was one of those people that had the opportunity to be able to win a championship.”

Hardin may be finished with Barton Community College soon but plans to continue playing Call of Duty for a long time. 

Do you have any advice for young gamers?

“When you first start out to play games, try to play for fun and have awesome memories with your friends and family, because when you get older your friends become busier with life, and schedules start to overlap,” said Hardin.


You can find Adam on Twitch and Twitter!

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